Holland Happenings Parade

Big thank you to all the students that participated in the parade! We are very proud of you! You did a great job.  

Holland happenings parade!  

Holland happenings parade!  

Thank you Karen, Shane, Paul, Sara, Sandra, Christian, Alyssa, Jerome, Shawna, and all the moms and dads that joined us at the parade! We can say that we are one great team! 

Training for Demo in Saturday March 12 2016

We are training for Demonstration in Saturday March 12th 2016 at Seattle Buddhist Church for Okinawa Kenjinkai New Years Party! 

2016年3月12日土曜日ワシントン州沖縄県人会 新年会にて聖武館オークハーバー道場とアラスカ聖武館ベイビュー道場での合同演武を行います。場所はSeattle Buddhist Churchです。

Seibukan Karatedo Oak Habor test

Seibukan Karatedo Oak Harbor had its rank test on June 20th 2015.

Even though our students were nervous they did great! congratulations to all of you!

Sensei Chris from Alaska seibukan bayview dojo came to visit us at the Oak Harbor dojo. Thanks for the help and support Sensei Chris!


Karate tournament WA

47th Annual Washington State International Karate Championship, Sensei Hideaki Zakimi, First place Kumite, second Kobudo, and third Kata,  

1st Kumite, 2nd kata Kobudo and 3rd Kata Karate.

1st Kumite, 2nd kata Kobudo and 3rd Kata Karate.

Hanshi Julius Thiry and Sensei Seiji Nishimura. 

Hanshi Julius Thiry and Sensei Seiji Nishimura. 

Alaska Seibukan Seminar March 2015

Alaska Seibukan Seminar March 17th, 18th 19th, 20th and 21st at Clinton, WA 

It was great training with Kyoshi Warren Berto Alaska Seibukan Seminar in South Whidbey Islands, WA

Renshi Grag Ouellete from Greg Dojo Alaska and Seisei Anette Cole, Sensei Chad Cloudy and Sensei Chris Peabody from Bayview Dojo, Sensei Doug Noaeill from Alaska Anchorage Dojo, Sensei Hideaki Zakimi Oakharbor Dojo, Sensei Kathy Holcomb from Alaska Ketchikan Dojo.

Shibubukai Kobudo Seminar with Sensei Chris Peabody From Bayview Dojo and Sensei Hideaki Zakimi from Oakharbor Dojo at Bayview Dojo.